Idea & Team


Veriscope’s aim is to minimise risk of investing in fraudulent companies or companies where management is manipulating earnings and other information. We analyse communications and filings from listed companies and highlight the red flags that investors and other stakeholders should be aware of. We want to promote transparency in company communications and help investors make better informed decisions to successfully protect and grow their capital.

Veriscope was created to bring together best in class capabilities in behavioural analysis, cutting-edge scientific research in linguistics together with experience in financial services. We want to be at the forefront of integrating insights from behavioural analysis and language analysis  into investment decisions.

Behaviour and language are not the only ingredients. Isights from the field of forensic accounting is also a crucial part of our analysis. This will be more evident when we launch VeriScore© – our corporate credibility score.

It is important to emphasise that all our anlaysis is based on scientific research. We do not take shortcuts and do not base our assessments on ‘gut feeling’.



Cliff Lansley

Leading expert in behaviour analysis and deception detection. Cliff has extensive experience in consulting on cases and training professionals in security, intelligence, law enforcement and a number of other industries.

Kristina Ganea

Kristina has worked as professional investor in global and emerging market equities, as well as in manager selection for strategic partnerships and product platforms. She has extensive experience in financial services industry and investment management in particular.



Laurence Carr

Laurence has graciously agreed to share his extremely valuable and rich experience from over 30 years in law enforcement with us. He is an expert in behavioural analysis and investigative interviewing.